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Jennifer Bell - Jenny Blue Art

Jennifer Bell is the owner of Jenny Blue art, she works from her home in County Durham. She loves to paint nature & countryside together with images from her imagination. Every gift item is printed by her to order. She also attend events around the north east of England & sells her work at a number of galleries also.

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Jennifer paints mainly on hardboard in oils, she also enjoys painting in acrylics & watercolours.

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  • 200x168
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  • M-moonsquirrel
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There are alot of designs so you can choose different products with the design printed onto it from the options box. Many designs also include the ablilty to add your own wording. Gifts include Tote Bags, Coasters, Book marks & Mugs.

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Dry-wipe surface - supplied with dry marker pen with holder they hang on brown string. Keep life organised with a beautiful metal board which can be personalised. Fill with important dates, lists, and appointments to keep everything on track.

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 A metal high gloss finish. This wall clock is 3mm alluminium and is a battery operated wall clock (battery not included). 

  • KM- noah
  • noaks ark
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  • kM- sew f.JPG
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A personalised mug makes a great gift for a child. I love thinking up new ideas to add to the animals, fairies & dinosaurs designs.

  • WH-bluebells
  • dog sign
  • 350x217
  • WH-daisy
  • XLH-Autumnwel
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  • 350x190

A range of Hearts & oblong hanging signs. Made from Alluminium they can be used inside or out as they will not rust.

Acrylic panels printed from my original paintings & hand moulded into small trays which can be used as a soap dish, teabag tidy, snack tray or for Jewellery & other small items.

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  • puffin snowarms
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I love creating Christmas designs and I add new ideas every year. Gifts range from tree decorations, tote bags, metal signs, gift tags & cards to mugs.

From start to finish...

Start of Painting

I do a few drawings then paint design onto hardboard.

Half way through painting

Still quite alot of work left to do.

Finished Painting

Finally finished after alot of hard work.

Finished Printed Gift

I can print the image onto any of the gifts I sell.

I use Royal Mail for most deliveries. Read More:

You can email me with any questions.

I sell the printed gift ranges to trade. Please complete the trade form for more information.

I accept returns unless they are personalised. Read More:

A selection of galleries where you can see my work.

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